Band History

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The Systemic was a result of 21st Century online music collaboration.

From different music backgrounds and by happenstance they stumbled into an ever evolving musical journey unlike any they had been on before.  Their passion to create innovative art focused on merging many different rock, progressive, and metal styles has become their primary driving force. 

Originally Mike and Kevin started shaping what became the library of songs on Mike's music page.  Although they shared many common likes they also had different approaches and expertise.  But these differences turned out to be a perfect compliment and what started as Mike's music soon evolved into much more.

Near the middle of the process in producing Mike's solo album, Out the Window, guest musicians were quickly coming aboard. This is also where Brian enters the picture.  He offered yet another set of experience and skills to add to this mix and quickly became a full time project contributor.

Soon after Out the Window was completed Brian, Mike, and Kevin started work on the next set of songs.  Originally these were to be released on Mike's second album, but in the course of production it became obvious that this project had taken on a will of its own.  It was agreed that The Systemic would be formed and all music produced by the three would fall under this name.

As quickly as it began, The Systemic was no more.  Disbanded in February 2011 with only 2 songs nearly completed.  This page is left as a reminder of what could have been, and what a success the project was for the time it was firing on all cylinders.

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