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It started late 1999 and lasted only 8 months, but Kevin's time as bassist with Great Day For Up (GDFU) is a memorable one.

It was the most successful band Kevin had  been a part of up to that point in his musical career (success measured in number of gigs played together, professionalism, and level of dedication that kept 2 of the original 5 members producing music under the same name, getting signed and promoted for several years after).

It was coincidence that these tracks found their way onto this site.  In time they had been forgotten.  Below are excerpts from the one studio EP Kevin appeared on titled "Blue and Orange Bus", a live show at the famous CBGBs in New York, and another show months later at Valentine's, a local Albany New York music venue.  The contrast in what GDFU was and what it became is remarkable.


The Lineup:

Michael Langone - Vocals

Michael Vitali - Guitar

Terry McCoy - Drums

Tom Burre - Guitar/noises

Kevin Heckeler - Bass



Great Day For Up - From Within (live)

Great Day For Up - Blue and Orange Bus

Great Day For Up - Flowers All Around Me (live)

2000 Enduro Records



Songwriter Scott Watts and Kevin continued their mayhem started under the Broken Chords / Slightly Dimmed moniker.  This time trying their hand at more serious material that later evolved into what became the primary Boogeymen alternative rock sound.

Many of the songs were written and originally released with the comedy material between 1994 and 1996.  They were dusted off, given a facelift and re-recorded January-February 2001.  Several new tracks emerged in the process and were added to the album.  While not professional quality performances, it does offer a glimpse into where this project was heading.  Songs like "Reaching Away" echo the promise of what was to come.

Scott sang and wrote the lyrics on most of the tracks.  Kevin played guitar and was in charge of all phases of production. This was their first completely digital recording, utilizing an overclocked personal computer, various recording software, and a pair of $20 Radio Shack microphones.  Included on this page are links to mp3s and a lyrics file for the entire album.


01 - The Night.mp3

02 - Gal Misery.mp3

03 - Broadway Faces.mp3

04 - The World.mp3

05 - Lifted.mp3

06 - Little.mp3

07 - Fade.mp3

08 - Reaching Away.mp3

09 - What Mom Wanted.mp3

10 - Landscape of My Mind.mp3

11 - Take It or Leave It.mp3

12 - Tonight.mp3

13 - Get A Life.mp3

14 - Times Square Big Screen TV.mp3

15 - Suburban Irish Melody.mp3

16 - 127 Monday Morning.mp3

17 - The Sky Is Falling.mp3

18 - Uncle Sam.mp3

19 - Fireworks Day.mp3






Spankin the Plankin (benko)

Lap Steel, Bass, Rhythm guitars - Lewis Benko

Drums and engineering - Bo Rose


All Pumped Up (benko)

Bass and Lead guitars - Lewis Benko

Drums and engineering - Bo Rose


Clay Sparrow (ferro/benko)

Guitar and harmonica - Lewis Benko

Drums - Anthony Ferro

Bass - Dan Damon

from The Animal Control Sessions 1996, Scott Verner Studios


House of Pain (benko)

Performed by Lewis Benko

Sampling and engineering by Ben Escoe


Select Older MP3s (in chronological order)

For select songs visit this page.


Lew's Nutz (benko)  10-25-01

Lewis Benko - Rhythm and Slide guitars, Noises

Kevin Heckeler - Rhythm and Bass guitar


I Have Thoughts In My Mind (benko/heckeler)  12-22-01

Lewis Benko - Rhythm and Lead guitars, Noises

Kevin Heckeler - Bass guitar and Noises


Pamela's Got the Virus (benko)  03-25-02

Lewis Benko - Rhythm and Lead guitars, Harmonica, Noises

Kevin Heckeler - Bass guitar


Yearbook (watts)  12-05-06

Scott Watts - Vocals

Kevin Heckeler - Electric, acoustic, and acoustic bass guitars

LYRICS for Yearbook


Hallow Way (heckeler/watts)  04-15-07

Scott Watts - Vocals

Kevin Heckeler - Acoustic and synthesized bass guitars

Lew Benko - Lead guitar

LYRICS for Hallow Way


Plays Me (heckeler/watts)  01-10-2008

Kevin Heckeler - Guitars, drum sequencing

Scott Watts - Vocals, lyrics

LYRICS for Plays Me


That Deadly Night [Remixed] (heckeler/vieira)  05-27-2009

Kevin Heckeler - Guitars

Mike Vieira - Vocals, Drum Programming, lyrics

Brian Patrick - Drum Programming

Josh Bennett - Original Drum Composition

LYRICS for That Deadly Night


Dubious Doobie (heckeler)  10-04-2009

Kevin Heckeler - Guitars, Drum Programming


Music Video for "Fashion Is Ridiculous" can be seen here or on facebook.


Music Video for "Question" can be seen here.


Full length 6-Part MP3 mix of The Agnostic's Book of the Living Dead can be downloaded here.


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All songs mixed, engineered, programmed, and produced by Kevin Heckeler in his modest home studio.

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